Dioptase (SQ54)


Past life memories, love, spiritual attunement, psychic vision. Distance healing.Release karmic patterns. Prosperity.

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Healing, ease pain/mental stress, prosperity. Self esteem, excellent for meditation. The stone of forgiveness. Helps overcome the conflicts and pain caused by past experiences that have not yet been forgiven or resolved, and   through recognising this it helps you to forgive (yourself or others) and move on with your life. Encourages growth by helping you to release yourself from the ‘roles’ you play in life and be the person you really know yourself to be. Raises self esteem and heals the damaging effects of lack of self love, anger and resentment. An excellent stone for meditation, contemplation or any work that requires you to look deep within yourself and understand your true nature. Distance healing.Release karmic patterns. Prosperity.

An excellent anti-depressant. Balancing, detoxifying, and stimulates the immune system, relieve high blood pressure, migraines, heals heart conditions. Can alleviate headache and nausea, and be used for pain relief. Regulates cell disorders, activate T-cells and thymus. Lifts the spirits, balances and aligns the Chakras.  Allows us to feel love and compassion on the highest level. Powerful enough to stimulate the heart from a distance.

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Weight 0.010 kg