Flower Tin Holder (CA9)


Storage and decorative tin.

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Flower tin holder

Can be used as a pencil holder, cutlery holder or utensil holder. Hold dried herbs and incense packets. Also used as a candle holder or a decorative feature in your house or on your altar and supply holders for schoolwork or craft projects. On the altar it represents the element Metal.

Finally it can also be used as a plant pot holder. In addition start veggie seeds or grow small plants that you’ll later transplant. Place a present in the tin for that special someone in your life.

Candle holder

Pour ½” or so of sand in the bottom of each candle holder and set a candle or tea light in it. Put the completed candle holder on concrete or another heat-tolerant surface. Be careful not to touch the candle holder when the candle is burning—the can will be hot. The inside of the candle holder has sharp edges, so to light the candle, you will need a long match or grill lighter. You can also use a bamboo skewer lit with a match to reach down inside the flower tin holder. Lit tin can lanterns and hang in a tree. Add White Tapered Candle (CT1)

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