Jade – Green Healing Pendant


Immortality, divine blessings, money, luck, fortune, health and success spells

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Jade – Green Healing Pendant

Break unwanted links with people or places that you have outgrown. Jade is renowned as a stone of prosperity and it is said that if you handle a piece every day your wealth will increase. Boosts courage, brings good fortune and health and protects from misfortune and accidents. Jade helps to sharpen concentration and increases your understanding and ability to memorize intellectual knowledge. Can be used to help you make the most of a period of study or to give you the confidence to express your knowledge clearly and keep your audience’s attention.

Chakras: Heart

Immortality, divine blessings, money magic, and success spells. Jade is used to attract and communicate with Dragons and a piece of Jade would make a    wonderful offering to them that might help you to gain their favour. A sliver of Jade can be put in a bowl of water or underneath a crystal ball to bring visions of Dragons when scrying and sleeping with the stone can bring magical dreams. Can be used in spells and charm bags to draw material wealth and also to increase your sense of self worth and personal power.