Psychic Power – Psychic Development Manual (GM12)


Psychic power and Psychic development manual

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Working with our psychic power opens up our minds, our hearts, and our lives. It connect us with our creative nature, and with the power of imagination. It allow us to work directly with Spirit to find and follow our path. By enhancing our senses, we reach out to a world beyond our physical world, to the world of spirit. We learn to see and interpret things from a broader perspective.

Includes 135 pages:

History,  What Does Psychic Mean?, The Difference Between Psychic,Medium, Intuitive, Empath And Healer.

The Chakras , The Aura, Connecting To Your Higher Self, Ways To Develop Your Psychic Power, Foods & Fragrances, Herbs That Enhance Psychic Abilities And Awakening Your Psychic Abilities, also Awakening The Spirit, Spirit Guides.

In addition Meditation. Also; What Is Clairvoyance & How To Develop Clairvoyance, What Is Clairaudience & How To Develop Clairaudience, What Is Clairsentience & How To Develop Clairsentience.

In conclusion What Is Claircognizance & How To Develop Claircognizance,  What Is Psychometry & How Does Psychometry Work, What Is Empathy & How To Develop Empathy, and What Is Channeling & How To Do Channeling.

And also What Is A Medium, Palm Reading, Card Readings, Healing Techniques And The Akashic Records And How To Access Them

Psychic power – psychic development manual Brought to you by Gemsforhealing. Also check out Book of Shadows Manual (GM3)