Reiki Anointing Oil 50ml (HA21)


Heal mind, body, spirit.

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Reiki anointing oil

On the physical level, Reiki  support the body’s natural ability to heal.  This help remove toxins, blockage and relieve pain. When you are in touch with this energy it helps you to make better choices regarding nutrition.  Here Reiki helps that you are more aware and attuned with your body’s needs.

On the mental level, Reiki assist in connecting you with your thoughts and the associated negative patterns that you get caught in daily. This is so that you can consciously change them to positive patterns and become more aware of things that are not serving your life.

On the emotional level, Reiki help you to connect with your emotions so that you can transform energy to cultivate more positive emotions such as love, compassion and kindness. Meanwhile this also assist with intimacy, connecting to things around you, sharing, and caring.

On the spiritual level, Reiki helps you to love and accept yourself as you are. It assists with compassion for all. Because, this connects you with the Divine and makes you understand that you are part of something larger. As a result, you realize that you are an important part of the “Universe”.

Oils description

Christians, pastors, spiritual healer, medium, wiccan, pagan, traditional healer, sangomas and all other esoteric fields can use Biblical and magic oil.

Anointing oils are sacred oil. Which are blessed and charged. And specially formulated for the purpose of sanctifying or elevating sacred objects or people in the service of a higher purpose. Honors your highest potential. Recommended reading Advanced Guide To Healing Manual (GM1)

How to use reiki anointing oil

  • Use to anoint the body at forehead and pulse points at wrists
  • Likewise anoint door knobs, doors, windows, outside gate, talismans & charms, jewelry, crystal gemstone jewelry, money, coins, wands, besoms, vehicles, candles, the list is endless really.
  • Charge, consecrate, cleanse or empower crystals.
  • Cleanse and increase altars power
  • Add to body lotion and baths.
  • In conclusion anoint ritual tools to heighten their power and effectiveness.