Reiki Usui Level 1 – 4 Manual (GM13)


Reiki level 1 – Masters Usui Reiki manual. Complete guide with symbols included.

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Reiki Usui Level 1 -4 manual includes:

Reiki healing manual (245 pages)

Introduction, History of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Human Behaviour – Childhood Imprints, and also Negative Behaviour.

Soul contracts and agreements, Love, Fear, Dosha / Constitutional type, The Chakras, The Meridians, The Aura.

Meeting your Spirit Guide, Preparing your Body and Mind – Breathing, Preparing your Mind – Centering the Mind with Meditation.

Preparing your Mind – Protection, Affirmations, Violet flame, Labyrinth and Mandala, The Antakarana, Kundalini Energy, Attunements/ Healing Flushes and Empowerments, Self Evaluation, The Reiki Journal

Reiki I:

Attunement session, Anatomy for Reiki, Self Healing, Hand positions in Reiki – Healing others, Reiki Animal Healing

Reiki II

Attunement session – Reiki II, Ethics in Reiki, Precautions in Reiki, What to do Before a Healing Session, Six-point meditation, Meeting the Client.

In addition Counselling skills, Client Record Card, Opening prayer, Assessing/Energy Scanning, Unruffling, Scooping, Closing Prayer, Grounding , Symptoms after a Healing Session, Reiki II Symbols, The Reiki Treatment and Distant healing

Reiki III (Advanced)

Attunement session – Reiki III Advanced, Protecting yourself – Aura Shield.

In addition learn to Protecting yourself – Psychic attacks, Crystal Healing, Chakra balancing with crystals, and Chakra balancing without crystals

Reiki IV (Masters)

Finally, Attunement session – Reiki IV Masters, The Reiki master symbol, Reiki Meditation, Reiki Attunements, Preparing Student for Attunements Process, Reiki Symbols.

How to Give Reiki I Attunement, How to Give Reiki II Attunement, How to Give Reiki III Advanced Attunement.

How to Give Reiki IV Masters Attunement, How to do the Healing Attunement, Attunements Using Chi Balls, Distance Healing Attunement

Reiki Usui Level 1 -4 manual brought to you by Gemsforhealing. Also look at Usui Reiki Course (Online Course) (COU1)