Snowflake Obsidian Chip Stone Bracelet (A272)


Grounding, protection, purity, balance mind, body and spirit.

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Snowflake obsidian

Perseverance, past life recall, spirit communication, insight. Snowflake Obsidian brings self defeating and negative thought patterns and emotions to the surface and clears them. It clears energetic blocks, fear and obstructions to wholesome thoughts, creating hope and inspiring new positive ideas. It allows us to connect with the realm of spirit, totem animals and the environment helping us to recognize and receive guidance, support and assistance to walk our highest path. In past life work it gives us insight into present day problems and allows us to release these. It is a particularly supportive stone for those with depression, giving them the strength to overcome attitudes of victimization and an awareness of how to shift their  reality for the better. Grounding. Remove negative spiritual influences. Protection.

Treats veins and the skeleton, improves circulation. Perfect elixir for skin and eyes. Base, sacral chakra.