Third Eye Chakra Bath Foam – Dark Blue (50ml) (J1)


Use to unblock and activate the 3rd eye chakra.

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Third eye chakra bath foam (Dark blue) in 50 ml glass bottle. So unblock and activate the 3rd eye chakra.

But connect with third eye chakra. Tranquility, truth, water magic, wisdom, calm, communication, divination. Dreams, Goddess magic, psychic work, serenity, sleep, spirituality, study, success, happiness, and healing. Hope, inner peace, inspiration, loyalty, fidelity, meditation, and music magic, past life work, patience, and like peace, protection. Because it stimulate Clairvoyant; highly spiritual nature; generous and on the right path, new opportunities. And use 3rd Eye Chakra Essence 50ml (AP22)

Third Eye Chakra bath foam

Relate to eyes, nose, sinuses, hypothalamus, brain synapses, pituitary glands, and endocrine system, pineal gland, immune system, throat and face in general. Balance the brain hemispheres.

Connects with clairvoyance, telepathic energy, and consciousness awareness centre. Because acceptance of self is the key to the working of the 3rd eye chakra. This is where the belief that you are a creator and a being of infinite worth stems from. Healers are balanced in this area.

In conclusion, blockages in this area cause: headaches, cancer, arthritis, aids, alcoholism, parkinson’s disease, deafness, earache, and fainting spells, certain cases of blindness, stigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, sinusitis, eye problems/blindness, seizures, strokes, full spinal issues, brain tumour, growth or development issues, body-image disorders, deafness, dyslexia, far-sighted, migraine, short-sighted, tension headaches, allergies, crossed eyes, scalp related problems, blood supply to the head, nervousness, anxiety disorders, insomnia, head colds, high blood pressure, nervous breakdowns, amnesia, chronic tiredness, dizziness, hormonal imbalances.