Younger Futhark Stone Rune Set 16pc (N18)


Younger Futhark 16pc stone rune set.

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Younger Futhark stone Rune set 16 pc

Reading Runes is one of the most popular Divination methods.  There are different kinds of Rune stones depending on which alphabet you follow. Including Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, Cirth, Elder Futhark, Gothic Runes, Hungarian Runes, Turkic, and Younger Futhork.

Younger Futhork Rune Set – Around the 7th or 8th century the Elder futhark rune set was shortened to 16 runes to form two new sets collectively known as the Younger futhork. When reducing the Elder Futhark to make the new Younger Futhork, only the less complex runes were kept and the more complex ones, like Dagaz and Gebo, were dropped.

As you ask a question or think about an issue, your conscious and unconscious mind are focused. When the runes are cast in front of you, they’re not random, but are choices that have been made by your subconscious.

How to Get Started With Using Younger Futhark stone rune set

Find a quiet place to do your reading. Start by having a period of quiet, where you clear your mind and focus on the reading you’re about to do. Think about the issue or question you have in mind. If you so desire, you can say a prayer or call upon higher spirits to guide you with your reading.


Spread the rune cloth on the table in front of you, ready for the runes to lay upon it. There are various types of rune casting you can do; which are similar in idea to tarot layouts. On your very first attempt, you might just like to start by picking out between one rune and analyzing its significance. Indeed this is also quite a useful method to use if you’re feeling unsure or uncertain. Pick out one single rune to give you something to focus on. Once you feel happy to progress, then have a go at some of the rune layouts and casts.

Please note that he image on this page represent the quality & size you can expect to receive, not the actual stones as seen in image. Because each stone is unique & one of a kind. Rune characters are hand drawn on the stones. The runes are hand picked so there will be variation in colour and shape. Rune characters may need to be re-drawn as they may fade in time due to the smoothness of the stones. Do not wash them, clear with smudge.  Add Gothic 25pc Stone Rune Set (N12)