Zoisite with Ruby (Anyolite) Wire Wrapped Pendant (F532)


Harmonize relationships with others, increases empathy and compassion.

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Zoisite with Ruby / Anyolite

Zoisite with Ruby, also known as Anyolite, is an amazing natural mineral combination. Ruby is the stone of courage and strength, and purges any fear or anxiety that sit within us daily. Green Zoisite’s energy produces growth and fertility in all aspects of life.

Ruby in Zoisite offers the energy of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth. It stimulates the heart and helps one to open to divine  love. Zoisite helps to alleviate grief, anger, despair and defeat, and it is a powerful stone for deep healing by activating the body’s defences and healing mechanisms.  It is an energizing healer on a physical level and is helpful for restoring vitality after radiation, chemotherapy or pharmaceutical treatments. Increase in inner and outer development, awakening of the true self, joyful engagement with life, healing, increase in  life force

Chakras: Heart, base, third eye

Increase inner and outer development. Energizes the body and creates a sense of wellbeing. Harmonize relationships with others, increases empathy and compassion. Aids in ailments such as depression and chronic fatigue syndrome