Fairy Blessing Sacred Anointing Oil


Attract blessings of joy, abundance, and magical experiences.

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The Fairy Blessing Sacred Anointing Oil is crafted to invoke the enchanting energy of the fairy realm, offering blessings of joy, abundance, and magical experiences. Its uses, meanings, and common applications are designed to enhance connection with the fairy realm and invite their blessings into one’s life:

Suitable for Christians, pastors, spiritual healers, Wiccans, and pagans Also by traditional healers, sangomas, and practitioners from all other esoteric traditions.

Use in magic and spiritual practices for centuries, often serving as conduits for energy, intention, and the invocation of spiritual assistance.

This anointing oil is a sacred, blessed, and charged blend, specially formulated to sanctify or elevate sacred objects or individuals for the service of a higher purpose.

1. Invoking Fairy Blessings:
  • Intent: Invite the blessings of the fairy realm into your life.
  • Meaning: By anointing oneself to establish a connection with the fairy realm and invite their blessings of joy, abundance, and magic.
2. Cultivating Joy and Playfulness:
  • Intent: Foster a sense of joy, wonder, and playfulness.
  • Meaning: Infuse life with the light-hearted and joyful energy of the fairies, encouraging a sense of childlike wonder and appreciation for the magic of everyday life.
3. Enhancing Creativity and Inspiration:
  • Intent: Spark creativity and inspire magical endeavors.
  • Meaning: Practitioners anoint themselves or their creative tools with Fairy Blessing Oil to invoke the muse-like qualities of the fairies, inspiring creative expression, and infusing artistic endeavors with a touch of enchantment.
4. Nurturing Spiritual Connection:
  • Intent: Deepen one’s spiritual connection with nature and the fairy realm.
  • Meaning: The oil serves as a conduit for connecting with the natural world and the spirits of nature. Fostering a deeper sense of communion with the fairy realm and the magic inherent in the natural world.
5. Protecting and Blessing Sacred Spaces:
  • Intent: Bless and protect sacred spaces with fairy energy.
  • Meaning: Place on altars, shrines, or outdoor spaces to create a harmonious and enchanted environment conducive to spiritual practices, meditation, and connection with the fairy realm.
6. Manifesting Wishes and Desires:
  • Intent: Harness fairy magic to manifest wishes and desires.
  • Meaning: Anoint candles, crystals, or written intentions with Fairy Blessing Oil to harness the magical energy of the fairies. And amplify the manifestation of their wishes, dreams, and goals.
7. Connecting with Nature Spirits:
  • Intent: Forge a deeper connection with nature spirits and elemental energies.
  • Meaning: An offering to nature spirits and elemental beings. Honoring their presence and inviting their assistance in bringing balance, harmony, and abundance to one’s life.
Common Uses of Fairy Blessing Sacred Anointing Oil :
  • Anointing oneself before meditation or nature walks to connect with the energy of the fairy realm.
  • Anointing candles or crystals for fairy-themed rituals, such as rituals for joy, abundance, or creative inspiration.
  • Adding a few drops to a bath to create a magical and rejuvenating bathing experience.
  • Anointing doorways or windows to invite fairy blessings into the home.
  • Using in conjunction with fairy oracle cards or divination practices to enhance spiritual insights and guidance.

Remember to infuse each use of Fairy blessing oil with your intentions, focus, and gratitude.