Planetary Magic Rune Stone Set (N5)


Stones with the planetary symbol to add the energy of the assorted planets to magical spells.

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Planetary magic is a powerful component in witches work. Working with the main planets in our solar system can call forth powerful energy. Each one has a specific essence of its own, and once you learn and connect with each one, you can come to know more about yourself on a wider universal level. These set of stones with planetary symbol is used to add to the power of your spell. Use the stone when you are doing spells, or carry with you to empower you with that specific planets energy.

We witches fluidly work our magic in easy harmony with the phases of the moon, and we know lunar powers very intimately through our workings and cycles, but it’s important to also integrate the other planets for extra magical energy. Working with the colours, botanicals, crystals and symbolism of each planet can really heighten your spell energy and assist you with your spiritual practice.

Connect with and get to know each planet by simply integrating planetary spell work into your daily rituals. If you write down which day each planet relates to you, you’ll easily begin to flow, merge and connect with their energies. Each also has specific crystals, colours, scents and symbolism, so if you prepare your planetary daily rituals with all your ingredients set up beforehand, you’ll be well prepared. Pick three ingredients for each planet and day – a scent or herb, coloured candle and planet symbol or glyph.

Please note that he image on this page represent the quality & size you can expect to receive, not the actual stones as seen in image. Because each stone is unique & one of a kind. Rune characters are hand drawn on the stones. The runes are hand picked so there will be variation in colour and shape. Rune characters may need to be re-drawn as they may fade in time due to the smoothness of the stones. Do not wash them, clear with smudge.